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This is a hidden maintenance category to identify United States Supreme Court cases that need attention.

Absent manual addition of the category to an article (not very common), an article may automatically be added to this category by {{Infobox SCOTUS case}}. Common causes include:

  1. Both {{{SCOTUS}}} and {{{Outcome}}} are blank, missing or invalid; Make sure that {{{SCOTUS}}} is set to one of the values listed at Template:Infobox_SCOTUS_case#Court_membership.
  2. {{{USVol}}} ≠ 1, and any of the following date fields are not well-formed, per documentation found at: {{Infobox SCOTUS case}}
  • {{{SubmitDate}}}, {{{SubmitYear}}}, {{{ArgueDate}}}, {{{ArgueYear}}}, {{{ArgueDateA}}}, {{{ReargueDate}}}, {{{ReargueYear}}}, {{{ReargueDateA}}}, {{{ReargueDate2}}}, {{{ReargueYear2}}}, {{{ReargueDateA2}}}, {{{DecideDate}}}, {{{DecideYear}}}.

Talk pages may also be added here by modifying the {{WP SCOTUS}} template by setting |flag=yes.

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