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Category:Language articles citing Ethnologue 19

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An article is automatically added to this tracking category when the article includes {{e19}} or {{ethnologue19}} or when its {{infobox language}} includes |ref=e19. This is the 2016 edition of Ethnologue.

Old references should generally be updated to a reference to a later Ethnologue.

When there are problems with the data in the 19th edition, references to older editions may be retained. (See the parent category to this page.) This may be done, for example, with undated citations, or where an old edition shows the date or range of estimates of the source, and that info has been lost from recent editions, or where a new source in the latest edition of Ethnologue just cites an old edition of Ethnologue, so we should cite the old edition ourselves.

Because of the simplistic coding of the infobox template, only articles described above appear here. Articles using actual reference tagging, which may be used e.g. when the citation is for an Ethnologue page other than the one for the ISO code in the info box, will not appear here, but in Category:ISO language articles citing sources other than Ethnologue.