Chernobog and Belobog

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Day and Night, the modern representation of Belobog and Chernobog, Maxim Sukharev.

Chernobog[a] (lit. "Black God"[1]) and Belobog[b] (lit. "White God"[1]) are alleged Polabian deities, with Chernobog meaning "Black God" and Belobog meaning "White God". Chernobog is mentioned in Helmold's Chronicle as a god of misfortune worshipped by the Wagri and Obodrites, while Belobog is not mentioned and is believed to have been reconstructed in opposition to Chernobog. Both gods also appear in later sources, but their authenticity is debated among scholars. Some researchers consider them as authentic deities associated with good and evil, while others believe they may be pseudo-deities. Chernobog and Belobog originally referred to "bad fate" and "good fate" and later became associated with the Christian Devil and God.

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  1. Also transcribed as Černobog.
  2. Also transcribed as Belebog, Belbog.

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