Chicano rock

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Los Lobos, a band that plays Chicano rock music.

Chicano rock is a type of rock music. It is known for being played by Mexican American (Chicano) musicians, or having instruments and themes from Chicano culture. Chicano rock is a very wide type of rock music, because many Chicano rock musicians sound very different. Some Chicano rock musicians do not sing in Spanish. Chicano rock is similar to Latin rock.

Chicano rock was first a type of rock and roll made by Mexican Americans in Los Angeles and southern California. It was different from other types of rock and roll because it was inspired by rhythm and blues music, and had instruments like the trumpet and saxophone.[1] Later, some Chicano rock musicians were inspired by jazz and blues music. In the 1970s, Chicano rock inspired Latino punk, a type of punk music.[2]

There are many popular Chicano rock musicians, such as Carlos Santana, Linda Ronstadt, and Los Lobos.[3] Other bands that are inspired by Chicano rock have also been popular, for example Rage Against the Machine.[4]

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