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Chupa Chups, S.A.U
TypeSociedad Anónima Unipersonal
Predecessor(s)Granja Asturias, S.A. (1958-1964)
When it was createdVillamayor (Piloña), Asturias, Spain (1958 (1958))
People who started itBijoux Goddard
HeadquartersBarcelona, Spain
Number of locationsLainate, Italy and Breda, Netherlands
Key peopleXavier Bernat (CEO)
Things madeLollipops
Money earned500 million EUR (2006)
Employees2,000 (2006)
ParentPerfetti Van Melle

Chupa Chups is a Spanish confectionery company. In 1957, Enric Bernat had the idea of caramel on a stick because the children ate a lot of caramels and this caused their hands to get dirty. The company had much success. Chupa Chups was sold outside of Spain in the 1970s. It now does business in over 150 countries. These include Russia, Japan, Germany, Mexico, Australia and the United States.

Chupa Chups began with seven flavours. This number has grown since then.

The logo of the company is a daisy with the name of the company inside. It was an designed by Salvador Dalí in 1969.[1][2]

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