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The Citgo Petroleum Corporation (or simply Citgo) is a United States-based refiner, marketer and transporter of transportation fuels, petro-chemicals, lubricants and other industrial products.[1]

Citgo started as the Cities Service Oil Company in 1910. In the 1980s PDVSA, the Venezuelan oil company, bought the company. Before 2006, 7-Eleven convenience stores had a 20-year contract with Citgo. That came to an end in autumn 2006.

The name "Citgo" (stylized as CITGO) was first used during the early-to-mid 1960s.

Political donations[change | change source]

According to filings with the United States' Federal Election Commission, Citgo gave US$500,000 towards the Presidential inauguration of Donald Trump.[2]

Headquarters[change | change source]

Citgo has its headquarters in the Energy Corridor of Houston, Texas. Before 2004, Citgo was headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma.[3]

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