Civilization (series)

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Civilization is a series of computer games made by Sid Meier. In it, you make a virtual civilization going from thousands of years ago to the near future. The game is played by doing certain things each turn. You can move units or make them do stuff, build or change cities, and negotiate with other civilizations. These civilizations are controlled by a computer. You win by taking over other civilizations, building a spaceship, or getting the highest score.

At the beginning, you chose which civilization to play. Each one has its own characteristics (something that makes it different from the others). Cities are very important. You need them to build buildings that improve the city, and units. The units can attack other units, build more cities, and improve the land. You can also research technologies. Technologies allow you to do more things.

There are five main games in the series, called Civilization I-VI (1-6). Some of them have expansion packs. There is also Civilization Revolution, which is like Civilization 1-6, but it works on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, and iPhone. The first version, Civilization, was released in 1991, and games have been released ever since. Civilization has existed since 1989

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These are the versions of the game. They are in order from oldest to newest.