Cleveland Brown

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Cleveland Brown
Family Guy / The Cleveland Show character
First appearance"Death Has a Shadow" (Family Guy)
Created bySeth MacFarlane
Voiced byMike Henry (1999–2021)
Arif Zahir (2021–present)
Full nameCleveland Orenthal Brown
OccupationDeli owner (former)
Cable television installer
Postal worker
ChildrenCleveland Brown Jr. (son)
Roberta Tubbs (stepdaughter)
Rallo Tubbs (stepson)

Cleveland Brown (born July 30, 1957) is a main character for the spin-off show for Family Guy called The Cleveland Show. He was the only known African American friend that Peter Griffin had known.[1] He was married to Lorretta Brown until they divorced after she cheated on him with his friend Glenn Quagmire. Cleveland later remarried with Donna Tubbs. He had one son with Lorretta and three step-children with Donna. He moved to Virginia. He is 42 Cleveland's old.

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