Cleveland Brown Jr.

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Cleveland Brown Jr.
Family Guy / The Cleveland Show character
First appearance"Love Thy Trophy" (2000)
Created byMike Baker
Matt Weitzman
Voiced byMike Henry (2000)
Kevin Michael Richardson (2009–present)
Full nameCleveland Orenthal Brown Jr. or Cleveland Roge Rerun Dwane Brown Jr.[1]
Spouse(s)Cecilia Brown

Cleveland Orenthal Brown Jr. is a fictional character in the television shows Family Guy and The Cleveland Show. He is the son of Cleveland Brown and Loretta Brown. He was first shown to be thin and active.[2] In The Cleveland Show, he was changed to be older and more obese.[3][4] Mike Henry was the voice actor for Cleveland Jr. when he was first seen in Family Guy.[5] Kevin Michael Richardson became the voice actor when he was in The Cleveland Show and in Family Guy episodes after that.[4]

He is 14 years old.[4] Cleveland got custody of Cleveland Jr. when Loretta got a divorce. They moved to a fictional (not real) city in Virginia named Stoolbend. Cleveland married Donna Brown and her children (Rallo and Roberta Tubbs) became Cleveland Jr.'s stepsiblings.[4]

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