Coat of Arms of Pakistan

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State emblem of Pakistan.svg

The State Emblem of Pakistan was adopted in 1954. The emblem's green colour and the star and crescent at the top are symbols of Islam, the religion with which most Pakistani citizens identify. In the center is a quartered shield, with each quarter containing a major crop of Pakistan at the time of its adoption: cotton, jute, tea, and wheat. The floral wreath around the shield is the Jasminum officinale (the national flower) represents the Mughal era cultural heritage of Pakistan. The scroll at the bottom contains the national motto in Urdu, coined by Muhammad Ali Jinnah, which reads from right to left: (Urdu: ایمان ، اتحاد ، نظم) Iman, Ittehad, Nazm translated as "Faith, Unity, Discipline". Pakistan is located in Asia. It is A near relative of India. The crescent moon is the same as the one on the flag of Pakistan. It is also the sign of symbol of Islam

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