Coat of arms of Peru

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Coat of arms of Peru

The Coat of arms (Escudo de armas) as used in the centered on the white band of the National flag.
ArmigerRepublic of Peru
Adopted25 February 1825
CrestHolm oak civic crown
EscutcheonPer fess, the first per pale azure and argent in dexter a vicuña counter-statant proper and in sinister a cinchona tree also proper, the second gules, a cornucopia with coins spilling from it.
SupportersTwo National Flags of Peru and two standards on each side.
Other elementsWhen used on the National Flag, the Coat of arms (Escudo de armas) is surrounded by a wreath of palm branch one on the left and a laurel one on the right tied by a red and white ribbon.

The Coat of arms of Peru is the national symbolic emblem of Peru. Four types are used: the Coat of Arms (Spanish: Escudo de Armas); the National Coat of Arms, or National Shield (Spanish: Escudo Nacional); the Great Seal of the State (Spanish: Gran Sello del Estado); and the Naval Coat of Arms (Spanish: Escudo de la Marina de Guerra).