Coat of arms of Romania

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Coat of arms of Romania
Coat of arms of Romania.svg
Coat of arms of Romania Eagle.svg
The version used for the seals of the Ministers, and on the identity cards
Armiger The Government of Romania
Adopted 1992
Crest None
Escutcheon golden aquila; aurochs; dolphins; a black eagle, seven castles, a sun and a moon; lion and a bridge
Supporters None
Other elements in the aquila's claws: a mace and a sword
in the aquila's beak: an Orthodox cross
Earlier versions 1922-1947, the Kingdom of Romania
Use on the national currency, in school classes, in the Parliament, on the official buildings, on Passports, on ID cards, in the header of the official documents (including diplomas)

The Coat of arms of Romania is the coat of arms that has been adopted by the Romanian Parliament on 10 September 1992. The design for it came from the coat of arms that the Kingdom of Romania created back in 1922. It displays a golden aquila that is holding a cross in its beak. It also shows a mace and a sword in its claws. It contains the three colors of the Flag of Romania: red, yellow, and blue.