Cobalt blue

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This box shows the color cobalt blue.

Cobalt blue is a cool blue colour. People used to make it using cobalt salts. Cobalt blue is used widely by artists. Many pieces of glassware have this colour--glassware that does have this colour is called cobalt glass.

The first written use of cobalt blue as a colour name in English was in 1777.[1]

Meaning of cobalt blue[change | change source]

  • John Varley suggested cobalt blue as a good substitution for ultramarine blue for painting skies.
  • Maxfield Parrish, famous partly for the intensity of his skyscapes, used cobalt blue, and cobalt blue is sometimes called Parrish blue as a result.
  • Cobalt blue was the primary blue pigment used in Chinese blue and white porcelain for centuries, beginning in the late 8th or early 9th century.[2]

Tones of cobalt blue colour comparison chart[change | change source]

Name Color HEX Code Red Green Blue Hue Sat Lum Source
Cobalt blue #0047AB 0 71 171 215° 100% 34%
Zaffre #0014AB 0 20 171 233° 100% 34%
Smalt #003399 0 51 63 220° 100% 30% (Dark Powder Blue)
Spanish Cobalt Blue #00438A 0 67 138 211° 100% 27% Cobalt Blue (Gallego & Sanz)
Thenard Blue #333C87 51 60 135 234° 45% 36% Gallego & Sanz

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References[change | change source]

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