Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis

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Commissioner of Police
of the Metropolis
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Sir Mark Rowley

since 12 September 2022
Reports toHome Secretary
on thoughts of the Home Secretary
Term lengthChosen by the monarch
DeputyLynne Owens

The Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis is the leader of London's Metropolitan Police Service. Sir Mark Rowley has been appointed to the position in 2022.

The Commissioner is known as the highest-ranking police officer in the United Kingdom, although their powers are generally over the Metropolitan Police Service's area run: the Metropolitan Police District. However, unlike other police forces the Metropolitan Police has certain things they must do nationally such as leading counter-terrorism policing and the protection of the Royal Family and high members of Her Majesty's Government. The person who holds the job also reports to the Home Secretary and the public nationally amongst many others (the Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime, the Mayor of London, Londoners), different to smaller police forces who are only reportable to residents and their local Police and Crime Commissioner or police government.[1]

The rank is usually referred to as the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, the Met Commissioner or simply just "Commissioner".

The Commissioner's annual salary without pension contributions or allowances from 1 September 2016 is £270,648 + £2,373.[2]

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