County Down

Coordinates: 54°12′28″N 5°53′29″W / 54.2079°N 5.8913°W / 54.2079; -5.8913
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County Down
Irish: Contae an Dúin
Coontie Doon / Countie Doun
Coat of arms of County Down
Absque Labore Nihil  (Latin)
"Nothing Without Labour"
Location of County Down
Coordinates: 54°12′28″N 5°53′29″W / 54.2079°N 5.8913°W / 54.2079; -5.8913
CountryUnited Kingdom
RegionNorthern Ireland
County seatDownpatrick
 • Total945 sq mi (2,448 km2)
 • Rank12th
 • Rank4th
Contae an Dúin is the Irish name, Countie Doun[1] and Coontie Doon[2] are Ulster Scots spellings.

County Down, (Contae an Dúin in Irish - meaning the Fort) is one of six counties that form Northern Ireland, and one of the nine counties of the ancient province of Ulster

The county forms an area of 2,448 km² (945 square miles). The estimated population in 1992 was 416,600, a more recent approximation puts it at about 516,000.[source?] The county town is Downpatrick, and the largest town is Bangor.

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