Cruise ship

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Cruise ship
Cruise ship in Paradise Bay, Antarctica
Men cleaning the cruise ship Celebrity Mercury

A cruise ship (or cruise liner) is a large ship with sleeping cabins that takes people on holiday and vacation trips. Hundreds of thousands of people take cruises each year.

Today's cruise ships are like floating hotels. They have a complete "hospitality staff" (to serve food and help passengers in other ways) as well as the usual ship's crew. The largest cruise ships have casinos, shops, many restaurants, several pools, and a running track. The most expensive cruises often have more crew and staff than passengers. This means that the people who control the cruise can give many personal services.

Today, hundreds of cruise ships sail all over the world. Some carry over 3,000 passengers. These are some of the largest ships ever built. For some places, such as Antarctica, because it lacks other way of regular transport, cruise ships are one of the only way for tourists to visit.