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Vacation in Tanzania.

A vacation (American English) or holiday (British English) is a time for people to relax and take a break from whatever they usually do.[1] People spend their vacation time in different ways. For many, it's a time for tourism. They might go backpacking to a holiday camp, or stay in a trailer, hostel, or hotel. Families often take a vacation together. Because the cost of many things is becoming higher, some people are giving up going on vacation to other countries, and are staying in their home country and finding interesting places to go there. This type of trip is known colloquially as a "staycation".

Vacations are usually taken when somebody has time off of work or school. This means that many people go on vacation during religious or national holidays. Many jobs allow for workers to have several days off during which they will still be paid. This practice, known as annual leave, is another common time for people to go on vacation.

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