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hello. this isn't a hotel page. it's a better page. in seneca ridge middle school, there are two cool people. piper talkE and claire walkE. they are seventeen. they have hot boyfriends. piper talkE's boyfriend is damon salvatore. Claire walkE's boyfriend is Stefan (cuz she doesn't get a choice on who her boyfriend is cuz i'm choosing it mwahahaha.). Anyways seneca is iffy (if you read my san fransisco bay page u know i like the word iffy). anyways, there's also liv(ing the dream) tulip, taylor (not seafood) sushi, katie (lawn) mower, nickel (coin) penny. they're also kinda cool like us. u should go to seneca if u dont already. 3/16 star recommendation. u get to watch movies in history class and it's fun even though i don't like history. but the gym teachers try to kill their students every friday. they do....the pacer. it's basically death.

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