David Soul

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David Soul
David Richard Solberg

(1943-08-28) August 28, 1943 (age 80)
Occupationactor / director / singer

David Soul (born August 28, 1943) in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., is an American actor, director, and singer.

Career[change | change source]

His career began with small roles in television series such as Flipper (1967), I Dream of Jeannie (1967), and Star Trek (1967) as Makora.

In 1968 he played the role of Joshua Bolt on the television comedy Here Come the Brides. In the early '70s he continued to work as a guest actor in shows and series for television such as The Young Rebels (1970), Dan August (1971), Ironside (1971), All in the Family (1972), The Streets of San Francisco (1972), The F.B.I. (1972), Ghost Story (1973), Cannon (1973).

He also got two small roles in the films Johnny Got His Gun (1971), and Magnum Force (1974, with Clint Eastwood), Soul plays of role Officer John Davis one of the members of the death squad.

In 1974 he co-starred with Glenn Ford in the television film The Disappearance of Flight 412 directed by Jud Taylor. In 1979, Soul starred in Salem's Lot, a horror movie about vampires

The decade of the 1980s brought a lot of work television to Soul. He got starring roles in Swan Song (1980), Rage! (1980), Homeward Bound (1981), World War III (1982), and Through Naked Eyes (1983).

One of his best films was In the Line of Duty: The F.B.I. Murders (1988), directed by Dick Lowry. He plays a criminal who, with an accomplice, committed a long string of crimes in the state of Florida. they meet in a bloody shootout with FBI members.

In the 1990s Soul worked on the big screen with Dolph Lundgren in Pentathlon (1994), directed by Bruce Malmuth.

Some years ago Soul worked on British television, has participated in such films as The Dark Lantern (2004), Jerry Springer: The Opera (2005).

Hutch[change | change source]

Soul shot to stardom in 1975 as star of the detective series Starsky and Hutch. He played Detective Sergeant Ken Hutchinson who, along with Dave Starsky Paul Michael Glaser, had to stop all kinds of criminals. The stories deal with simple cases of theft to serial killings. Soul played the character of Ken Hutchinson in 82 episodes between 1975 and 1979.

Singer[change | change source]

Soul also had a successful career as a singer. He had hits like "Don't Give Up On Us" and "Silver Lady", which peaked at number one on the charts in Britain in 1977. Soul recorded five albums: David Soul (1976), Playing To An Audience Of One (1977), Band Of Friends (1979), The Best Days Of My Life (1982), and Leave A Light On (1997).

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