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Deadpool in the filming of his movie in 2015.

Deadpool (real name is Wade Wilson), is a comic book character in the Marvel Universe published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by Rob Leifeld in 1991. Deadpool began as a villain but is currently being used as an anti-hero and in his own comic book series he ended as a good guy. He is currently one of the most popular Marvel characters.[1] He has had many of his own book series as well as been in most of Marvel's other titles.[2] He is often seen in several of the X-Men series of books and is a regular character in the series "Uncanny X-Force". His clothing is colored red and black, and he has two guns and short katanas as well as many other weapons.

Deadpool is a Canadian mercenary whose true name is "Wade Wilson". Deadpool's special power is regeneration. His body can repair itself from any injury. He has formed a relationship with the personification of Death but because his healing power is so strong, he cannot die. This is a common theme in his stories. Deadpool is well known for "breaking the fourth wall". He knows he is a comic book character. Deadpool will often talk to the readers or refer to a specific issue when talking about something that happened in the past. He also can transport to the other alternative universes. His fighting skills are also very known.

In the comic book universe, Deadpool was mostly considered neutral and sometimes even evil, but near the end of the series he was proved to be a good person. He tried really hard to fight his own psychotic mind behaviour and stop killing people. He got married with a person that cared for him and had a daughter. He made friends with an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and by himself destroyed a whole evil army that was trying to kill his family. In the end, on a vacation with his family and friends, Deadpool hugged his daughter as a second earth came crashing down from the sky, presumably killing him and his family and friends, along with many lives on earth, joining up the story with Secret Wars.

However, Deadpool is seen again in the preview of All-new All-different Marvel, confirming his return.

He combines the Punisher’s ruthlessness, Spider-Man’s gift of gab, Wolverine’s healing factor, and the Thing’s self-loathing. And deep-down he’s a regular dude that likes, pizza and porn, tacos and Tecate, so readers can relate.”

—Axel Alonso, Executive Editor, Marvel Comics [2]

Portrayals[change | change source]

He has been portrayed by Ryan Reynolds in X-Men Origins: Wolverine before having a more faithful take starting with Deadpool. Reynolds reprised his role in Deadpool 2 (2018), as well as for his upcoming movie Deadpool & Wolverine (2024)

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