Donald II of Scotland

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Donald II
King of the Picts "Rex Pictorium"
Portrait, previously thought to be of Donald III
Reign889 - 900
PredecessorGiric or Eochaid
SuccessorConstantine II
Born30 June 862
Fordoun, Scotland
DiedApril 900[1]
Forres, Scotland
FatherConstantine I

Donald II was king of the Picts and the last to be officially named that, although Constantine II claimed to be king of the Picts, in reality he ruled the newly founded Alban kingdom. He ascended to the throne in 889 after the abdication/deposition of Giric and disputably Giric. He was the son of Constantine I, king from 862-877. Donald died in 900 and was buried in Iona, Scotland.

Birth[change | change source]

The exact date of his birth is unknown but thought to be around c. 862, when the reign of his father Constantine I began, after the death of Donald I, the previous of his name.

Reign[change | change source]

Donald's reign began in 889 after the end of Giric and Eochaid's reigns. His reign lasted for 11 years when he died in 900. He was succeeded by Constantine II, even though he had 2 children. Malcolm I of Scotland and NN mac Causantín.

Death[change | change source]

It is unknown how Donald died but it happened in 900, 11 years after the start of his reign.

Marriage?[change | change source]

Donald possibly married Sigurda Mac Causantín sometime between 880-900 giving him his 2 children, 1 of whom would go on to rule Alba later on.[2]

References[change | change source]

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