Malcolm I of Scotland

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Malcolm I
King of Alba
Malcolm I of Scotland (Holyrood).jpg
Reign943 - 954
PredecessorConstantine II
Auchencairn, Scotland
Died3 December 954[1] (aged 56/57)
Fetteresso Castle, Scotland
IssueDub, king of Scots Kenneth III, king of Scots
FatherDonald II of Scotland
MotherSigurda Mac Causantin (possibly)

Malcolm I, (897 - 3 December 954) was king of Scotland from 943-954. He was the successor to his first cousin once removed King Constantine II. He was the monarch who celebrated the 100th anniversary of Scottish monarchs (843-943).[2]

Birth[change | change source]

Malcolm was born between 896 and 900 somewhere in Scotland. The place and exact time of his birth is unclear like many of the monarchs before him.

Reign[change | change source]

His reign began in 943, 100 years after Kenneth I. His reign lasted 11 years until 954. During his reign he married Bethoc. They had two children, Dub (later to be king) and Kenneth III (also to be king). He also may have had a child named Mogallus mac Malcolm, prince of Scots in 934, before becoming king.

Death[change | change source]

Malcolm died in 954. The throne went to Indulf, and later to his two sons Kenneth and Dub. After his death, many monarchs would take his name as king of Alba "Rex Alban" making him "according to some sources" the first king of Alba, instead of Constantine II.

References[change | change source]

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