Dub of Scotland

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Dub or Duff
King of Alba
Reign 962 - 967
Predecessor Indulf/Indulphus
Successor Cuílen of Scotland
Born c. 915
Died 967
Issue Kenneth III
Grimus mac Duibh
Father Malcolm I
Mother Bethoc

Dub or Duff was king of Scotland after the death of Indulf/Indulphus in 962, he reigned for 4-5 years until 967 when he died and was succeeded by Cuílen he was the son of king Malcolm I and most likely Bethoc[1]. He was born circa 915 making him nearly 50 before he became king. He had 2 children with NN, Kenneth III who later reigned and Grimus II mac Duibh, prince of Scotland.

Reign[2][change | change source]

His reign began in 962 after the death of Indulf, king of Scots. It lasted until 967, he was succeeded by Cuilén who ruled until 971 and was succeeded by Dub's son Kenneth III.

Death[change | change source]

He died in 967 [3]aged 52 (circa), leaving behind 2 children. His burial place has been lost and no one knows the exact place of his burial although it was most likely in 967 just after his death and in Iona, Scotland.

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