Culen of Scotland

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Posthumous painting by Jacob de Wet II, c. 1685
King of Scots
Reign20 July 967 — 2 June 971
Coronation26 July 967
SuccessorKenneth II (or Amlaíb, disputed)
Born(934-04-06)6 April 934
Edinburgh, Scotland
Died2 June 971(971-06-02) (aged 37)
Abington, South Lanarkshire, Scotland
Iona Abbey, Iona, Scotland
FatherIndulf of Scotland
ReligionRoman Catholicism

Cuilén mac Illuilb (Modern Gaelic: Chailein mac Ilduilb; 6 April 934 — 2 June 971) often known as Culen and nicknamed the Smart (Scottish Gaelic: an Smart), the Brave (Scottish Gaelic: an Treun) or the Strong (Scottish Gaelic: an Làidir) was the King of Scotland from 967 until his death in 971. He was the son of King Indulf (Illuilb mac Causantín). His mother was unknown but it was said that she was from France.

It was said that he would spend his reign focusing on kicking the vikings out of Scotland and to expand Scotland. When Culen died in 971, the throne was disputed between his younger brother who was his heir, Amlaíb, and his cousin, Kenneth II (Cináeda mac Maíl Coluim). Because Kenneth was more experienced than Amlaíb, he seized the throne for himself. Culen's son, Causantín, would succeded Kenneth II as king as Constantine III after Kenneth's death in 995.