James II of Scotland

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James II (16 October 14303 August 1460) was King of Scotland from 1437 through 1460. He was born at Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh. He inherited the Scottish throne after the assassination of his father James I on February 21st 1437, only aged 6 and was crowned king of Scotland on March 25th 1437 at Holyrood Palace where he was born.

James Stewart
King of Scotland
James II's portrait aged 10, produced c. 1440.
Reign February 21st 1437 - August 3rd 1460
Coronation March 25th 1437, Holyrood Abbey
Predecessor James I of Scotland
Successor James III of Scotland
Born October 16th 1430
Holyrood, Edinburgh, Scotland
Died August 3rd 1460
Roxburgh, Edinburgh, Scotland
Burial Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh, Scotland
House Stewart