James I of Scotland

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King James I of Scotland
King of Scots
ReignApril 4, 1406 – February 21, 1437
CoronationMay 2 or 21, 1424
PredecessorRobert III
SuccessorJames II
Edinburgh Castle
DiedFebruary 21, 1437(1437-02-21) (aged 42)
SpouseJoan Beaufort
FatherRobert III
MotherAnnabella Drummond

James I (December 10, 1394 – February 21, 1437) was King of Scots from April 4, 1406, and ruled as King of Scots from May 1424 until February 21, 1437.

Reign[change | change source]

He made many economic and legal changes. For instance, he tried to change the Parliament of Scotland to suit English lines. Many of his actions were useful, but they also upset many people. Therefore during the later years of his reign his ability was questioned, but when the king threw a party on February 21, 1437, he was assassinated by a group of Scots led by Sir Robert Graham. He attempted to escape his attackers through a sewer but could not because the sewer was blocked. A wave of executions followed, including the king's uncle, Sir Walter Sterwart and Sir Robert Steward.

References[change | change source]

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