Alexander III of Scotland

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Alexander III
King of Scots
Alexander III statue, West door of St. Giles, Edinburgh.jpg
Reign6 July 1249 – 19 March 1286
Coronation13 July 1249, Scone, Perth & Kinross, Scotland
PredecessorAlexander II
SuccessorMargaret (disputed)
IssueMargaret, Alexander, David
HouseHouse of Dunkeld
FatherAlexander II
MotherMarie de Coucy

Alexander III (Mediaeval Gaelic: Alaxandair mac Alaxandair; Modern Gaelic: Alasdair mac Alasdair), King of Scots, was born at Roxburgh on 4 September 1241 and died on 19 March, 1286.

He was the only son of Alexander II with his second wife, Marie de Coucy. Alexander's father died on 6 July 1249 and he officially became king at the age of eight. This happened at Scone on 13 July, 1249.

Coronation of King Alexander on Moot Hill, Scone. He is being greeted by the ollamh rígh, the royal poet, who is addressing him with the proclamation "Benach De Re Albanne" (Beannachd Dé Rígh Alban, "God Bless the King of Scotland"). The poet goes on to recite Alexander's family history.