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David by Donatello

Donato di Niccolò di Betto Bardi (popularly known as Donatello) (1386 – December 13, 1466) was an Italian artist during the Renaissance. He lived in Florence and was famous because he was one of the best sculptors of his time. He used a special sort of sculpture technique, or way of doing things, called 'shallow relief', which made his work look very real.

He was the son of Niccolo di Betto Bardi, and was born in Florence. His mother's name is not known. When Donatello was older, he studied with Filippo Brunelleschi the architect. He also helped the sculptor Lorenzo Ghiberti to make statues for the Battistero di San Giovanni. Some of Donatello's most famous works are statues of Mary Magdalene and a life-size statue of David.

Donatello was one of the greatest Italian Renaissance artists. He influenced the renaissance by his new and improved way of using an international gothic sculpture. This was a style of art using graceful, softly curved lines. He was serious at his work which has worked successfully through the decades. Donatello accomplished his work because of the detail he would put into every piece. He always put effort and his sculptures were magnificent. He inspired a lot of artists like “Doum” and his art increased in popularity. Most of his work was inspired by ancient sculptures. He was the first sculptor of his time to celebrate the human body, an idea that had died since Greek and Roman times.

Donatello was a very unique and talented person. He inspired many upcoming artists during the renaissance. He was a very intelligent and clear. He knew a lot about medieval times, and would try to convert his knowledge into sculpture. Most of his work was fancy and marvelous and not like medieval art. He would usually sculpture for mid-class and higher citizens.

He had a detailed and wide ranging knowledge. Donatello could sculpt in both marble and bronze. His work was inspired by ancient visual sculpture examples. He increased in the form of ancient art. He was also a realist which was an artist whose work was characterized by realism. He would support the measure of artist freedom, in the renaissance. His way of international gothic influenced European art.

Donatello is a talented and all-round artist Florence. He influenced the Renaissance by his Gothic style. Most of his art was elegant and stylish. He would softly and gently curve the sculptors which had a great turning effect. He was an impressive artist and one of the greatest who influenced Europe in the renaissance.

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