Doraha (1967 movie)

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Doraha is a 1967 Pakistani Urdu movie. It is a black & white movie. Doraha is a classic romantic and melodious movie of 1960s. It is one of the best movies of Pervaiz Malik's and Waheed Murad's careers. At the box office, the movie did not earn much money. It gained more importance after several years. The movie became much more well liked during 1980s and 1990s. Doraha was produced by Sohail Rana and Pervaiz Malik. Malik also directed the movie. The movie stars Murad, Shamim Ara, Deeba, Ibrahim Nafees and Talish. For Doraha, Waheed Murad first casted Zeba, but after her marriage with Mohammad Ali, he picked Shamim Ara. The people that knew Murad knew that Shamim Ara was just a replacement. All the dialogue and songs were for Zeba