Downtown São Paulo

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The Downtown São Paulo (or Central Zone São Paulo, or simply Center São Paulo) is a Commercial District and third major Central Business District of São Paulo.

The region is administered by Subprefeitura da Sé Encompassing the neighborhoods and districts Bela Vista, Bom Retiro, Cambuci, Consolação, Aclimação, Bras, Liberdade, República, and Santa Cecília. Not to be confused with the region known as Downtown Expanded, used eventually by the city government in actions urban planning, which also includes parts of the subdistricts of the Mooca, Lapa, Pinheiros and Vila Mariana or with Historic Center São Paulo Which includes only the oldest part of the central region.

The region in 1940s at 1970s was one of the largest Financial Districts of South America and Latin America.

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