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Elektryon was a king in ancient Greek mythology. He was king a small fishing town in Mycenae. Mycenae was part of Ancient Greece. He was the grandfather of the demigod Hercules. Elektryon's daughter Alcmene was Hercules' human mother and the god Zeus was Hercules' father. Elektryon became very sad when he found out his daughter Alcmene had had sexual intercourse with Zeus. He told Alcmene to leave, so she went to a farming region.

As Elektryon was leaving to avenge the murder of his sons by the Teleboeans, he was accidentally killed by Amphitryon, consequently before Amphitryon could consummate his marriage to Alkmene he had to complete Elektryon’s blood feud and avenge the death of her brothers; while Amphitryon was off on this quest, Zeus came to Alkmene disguised as Amphitryon and from this union came the mighty hero Herakles (Heracles).