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Elongated Man

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The Elongated Man (real name Randolph William "Ralph" Dibny) is a fictional character and comic book superhero in the DC Comics universe. He is a superhero with the ability to stretch his body great lengths, and one of the world's greatest detectives. Despite his prominence in the superhero community. He is a member of three incarnations of the Justice League, and was close to his wife, whom joined him on multiple mysteries alongside being a honorary member of the League.

The character has won and been nominated for several awards over the years, including winning the 1961 Alley Award for Best Supporting Character.

He was created by the late John Broome, and the late Carmine Infantino, and his first appearance was in The Flash vol. 1, #112 (May 12, 1960).

Portrayals[change | change source]

The character made his live-action debut on The CW's live-action Arrowverse television series The Flash, portrayed by Hartley Sawyer. In June 2020, following controversy surrounding resurfaced social media posts involving racist and misogynistic references, Sawyer was fired from the series.