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DC Comics, Inc. (founded in 1934 as National Allied Publications) is an American comic book company. Its top rival is Marvel Comics. It is owned by Time Warner. DC Comics is best well-known for making "superhero" comic books. DC Comics is very famous in the modern art subject Graphics.

Fictional characters[change | change source]

Their most well-known and iconic fictional characters are:

Fictional teams[change | change source]

Most of their characters take place in the fictional DC Universe and their most well-known fictional teams are:

Villains[change | change source]

Their most well-known and iconic villains are:

Origin of the initials "DC"[change | change source]

The initials "DC" were originally an abbreviation for the company's popular series Detective Comics, which featured Batman's debut and subsequently became part of the company's name.

Other issues and adaptations[change | change source]

DC Comics has also published non-DC Universe-related material, including Watchmen, V for Vendetta, John Constantine, Lucifer and many titles under their alternative imprint Vertigo. DC Comics has also made animated and live-action movies, animated and live-action tv series, action figures, video games and other merchandise about the characters, which has made them even more popular.

Locations[change | change source]

Originally in Manhattan at 432 Fourth Avenue, the DC Comics offices have been located at 480 and later 575 Lexington Avenue; 909 Third Avenue; 75 Rockefeller Plaza; 666 Fifth Avenue; and 1325 Avenue of the Americas. DC had its headquarters at 1700 Broadway, Midtown Manhattan, New York City, but it was announced in October 2013 that DC Entertainment would relocate its headquarters from New York to Burbank, California in 2015.

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