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New Line Cinema Productions Inc.
Type Subsidiary of Warner Bros.
When it was created 1967
People who started it Robert Shaye
Michael Lynne
Headquarters 116 N Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048
Key people Toby Emmerich
(President / COO)
Things made Movies
Owner(s) Time Warner
Parent Independent (1967–1994)
Turner Broadcasting System (1994–1996)
Time Warner (1996–2001, 2003–present)
AOL Time Warner (2001–2003)
Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. (2008–present)

New Line Film Productions Inc., often called New Line Cinema, is an American movie studio. It was founded in 1967 by Robert Shaye and Michael Lynne. It became a subsidiary of Time Warner in 1996. It was merged into the bigger studio Warner Bros. in 2008.[1]

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Unlike other independent studios such as Orion Pictures, Carolco Pictures, or Cannon Films, New Line Cinema has grown and prospered to become one of Hollywood's major movie studios, culminating in the hit Lord of the Rings movie trilogy that brought prestige to the studio.

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