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Empire of Vietnam

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Empire of Vietnam
Đế quốc Việt Nam
Flag of Empire of Vietnam
Anthem: Đăng đàn cung
"The Emperor Mounts His Throne"
Location of Empire of Vietnam
StatusPuppet state of Japan
Official languagesVietnamese, Japanese
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy under Japanese occupation
• Emperor
Bảo Đại
Trần Trọng Kim
• Independence from the France
17 March 1945
• Proclamation of North Vietnam
30 August 1945
• Total
331,212 km2 (127,882 sq mi)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
French Annam
French Tonkin
French Indochina
North Vietnam
French Indochina
Today part ofVietnam

The Empire of Vietnam (Vietnamese: Đế quốc Việt Nam) was a puppet state controlled by Japan. It was formed on 17 March 1945 and ended on 30 August 1945. This was towards the end of World War II. The capital city was Huế. The emperor was Bảo Đại, the prime minister was Trần Trọng Kim.