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Enron Creditors Recovery Corporation
TypeDefunct / Asset-less Shell
Industryformerly Energy
When it was createdOmaha, Nebraska, 1985
HeadquartersHouston, Texas, USA
Key peopleKenneth Lay, Founder, former Chairman and CEO
Jeffrey Skilling, former President, CEO and COO
Andrew Fastow, former CFO
Rebecca Mark-Jusbasche, former Vice Chairman, Chairman and CEO of Enron International
Stephen F. Cooper, Interim CEO and CRO
John J. Ray, III, Chairman
Money earned$111 billion (in 2000)
Employeesapprox. 22,000 in 2000
approx. 40 as of 2008.

Enron Creditors Recovery Corporation (formerly Enron Corporation, NYSE ticker symbol ENE) was an American energy company based in Houston, Texas. Enron used to have around 22,000 people before it went bankrupt in late 2001. In 2001, it was revealed that people in Enron were involved in accounting fraud. The company closed in 2007.