Coordinates: 37°16′N 24°33′E / 37.26°N 24.55°E / 37.26; 24.55
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37°16′N 24°33′E / 37.26°N 24.55°E / 37.26; 24.55


Ermoupolis is a Greek town. It is on the island Syros and it is the capital of Cyclades islands. Ermoupolis has 13.496 people. Ermoupolis has many beautiful old buildings which note the wealth, which there was in the past. Several buildings have a big architectural value, such as ermoupolis' town hall and Apollon theater. Around Ermoupolis there are many places where Catholic people live. The existence of Catholic people has dates back in the Franks and Venetian rule in Middle Ages.

History[change | change source]

Ermoupolis was founded in the first decades of 19th century and it was developed quickly. Ermoupolis was built next to the Catholic old town Ano Syros. Soon, it became the biggest port of Greece and an important commercial center. The development of the city stopped when Piraeus port developed.

Interesting destinations[change | change source]

Ermoupolis has many interesting places, which the visitors can see. Near Ermoupolis there are many beautiful villages and beaches. Near Syros are the islands, Mykonos and Tinos which they are very touristic.