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The square in Karpenisi

Karpenisi is a mountainous Greek city. It is a small city in Eyritania district. Karpenisi is the capital of Eyritania prefecture. Eyritania prefecture has the most mountains of any other prefecture of Greece. There are mountains everywhere in the Eyritania prefecture. The highest point of Karpenisi is at the top of the Tymphristos Mountain, which is 2,315 meters high. Around 7,300 people live in Karpenisi, says the census taken in 2001. Karpenisi is built at an altitude of 960 meters. It sits on the slopes of the Tymphristos mountain. Lamia is east of Karpenisi. Karpenisi is smaller town than Lamia. Lamia also serves the district of Karpenisi.

Winter resort[change | change source]

The Karpenisi's ski center

Today, Karpenisi is one of the most important winter resorts in Greece. In winter, many Greeks go there in order to do winter sports. The people visiting go skiing and hiking in the forests of Karpenisi. Karpenisi is surrounded by a fir forest.