Ernestina Herrera de Noble

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Ernestina Herrera de Noble
Ernestina Herrera de Noble, Jorge Rafel Videla y Julio Humberto Grondona, 1978 (cropped).jpg
Born(1925-06-07)June 7, 1925
DiedJune 14, 2017(2017-06-14) (aged 92)
Buenos Aires
OccupationGrupo Clarín (Chairperson)
Spouse(s)Roberto Noble (1902-69)

Ernestina Herrera de Noble (June 7, 1925 – June 14, 2017) was an Argentine publisher and executive. She was the largest shareholder of the Grupo Clarín media conglomerate and director of the flagship Clarín newspaper. She was the first woman to become director of a mainstream newspaper in South America.[1]

Early life[change | change source]

Ernestina Laura Herrera was born in Buenos Aires in 1925. She became a Flamenco dancer and met the founding publisher of Clarín, Roberto Noble, around 1950.[2]

Career[change | change source]

As his widow, she inherited a controlling stake in Clarín, Argentina's most widely circulated newspaper since 1965.[3] Despite its large circulation, however, Clarín suffered financial difficulties when Mrs. Noble inherited the director's post.

Under her leadership, Clarín extended its reach into Argentine media, purchasing two second-ranked outlets, Radio Mitre and Channel 13, in 1990, Multicanal Cable TV in 1992, and other stations and magazines. She extended the partnership with La Nación by leading Clarín into a joint wire service, Diarios y Noticias (DyN), in 1982, and into a holding company in 1997.

Death[change | change source]

De Noble died on June 14, 2017 from pneumonia in Buenos Aires, aged 92.[1][4]

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