Eurovision Song Contest 1958

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The Eurovision Song Contest 1958 was the third edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest. The contest was held on Wednesday 12 March 1958 and was hosted in Hilversum, Netherlands by Hannie Lips. All countries from the previous contest returned, except for the United Kingdom. Sweden entered for the first time.

The winner was decided by voting of ten experts from each country, who cast their vote for the best song.

Overview[change | change source]

R/O Entry Result
Country Artist Song Points Place
1 Italy Italy Domenico Modugno "Nel blu, dipinto di blu" 13 3rd
2 Netherlands Netherlands Corry Brokken "Heel de wereld" 1 9th
3 France France André Claveau "Dors mon amour" 27 1st
4 Luxembourg Luxembourg Solange Berry "Un grand amour" 1 9th
5 Sweden Sweden Alice Babs "Lilla stjärna" 10 4th
6 Denmark Denmark Raquel Rastenni "Jeg rev et blad ud af min dagbog" 3 8th
7 Belgium Belgium Fud Leclerc "Ma petite chatte" 8 5th
8 Germany Germany Margot Hielscher "Für zwei Groschen Musik" 5 7th
9 Austria Austria Liane Augustin "Die ganze Welt braucht Liebe" 8 5th
10 Switzerland Switzerland Lys Assia "Giorgio" 24 2nd