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FN P90

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The FN P90 is a very short personal defense weapon made by FN Herstal. It was made to replace 9x19mm Parabellum submachine guns in NATO because NATO needed a small automatic weapon for non-combat specialists to protect themselves and could shoot through body armor. The P90 shoots the FN 5.7x28mm bullet, the same bullet as the FN Five-seven pistol. It is a small, high-velocity bullet that can shoot through body armor. The P90 has a rare feature where the box magazine is loaded parallel to the gun's barrel rather than perpendicular to it. Each magazine can hold 50 bullets. The P90 fires at a fast 900 rounds per minute (RPM). The P90 is fully ambidextrous, which means both right-handed and left-handed people can use the gun without any problems. It weighs only 2.6 kilograms (5.6 pounds) and is only 50.5 centimeters (19.9 inches) long. It is even small and light enough to fire with one hand. The P90 is very common in militaries and police forces in NATO countries.[1] A semi-automatic only version called the PS-90 can be bought and used for civilian purposes.

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