Federal Republic of Central America

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Federal Republic of Central America
República Federal de Centroamérica
Flag of Central America
Coat of arms of Central America
Coat of arms
Anthem: La Granadera (The song of the Grenadier)
Location of Central America
CapitalGuatemala City (Until 1834)
San Salvador
Common languagesSpanish
• Independence from First Mexican Empire
July 1 1823
• Disestablished
May 31 1838
CurrencyCentral American Republic real
Preceded by
Succeeded by
First Mexican Empire
Costa Rica
El Salvador
Los Altos
Today part of Belize
 Costa Rica
 El Salvador

The Federal Republic of Central America was known as the United Provinces of Central America in its first year of creation. It was an independent nation in Central America. It was made up of the former territories of the Captaincy General of Guatemala. It existed from September 1821 to 1841. It was a republican democracy.

The republic was made up of the present-day countries of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica (Panama was part of the Republica de Colombia in 1821). Los Altos was added to the republic in the 1830's. Its capital was Quetzaltenango. Although the nation was independent of Spain, it had been annexed by the First Mexican Empire.