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Fennoscandia, Karelia and the Kola Peninsula are shown on this map.

Fennoscandia or Fenno-Scandinavia is the region including the Scandinavian Peninsula, Finland, Karelia, and the Kola Peninsula.[1] The term usually covers the countries Finland, Norway, and Sweden in their entireties.[2] It also includes a part of Russia. Its name comes from the Latin words Fennia (which means Finland) and Scandia (which means Scandinavia).[3]

Fennoscandia is different to both Scandinavia and the Nordic countries. Denmark is not in the Scandinavian Peninsula and Karelia and the Kola Peninsula are not a part of the Nordic countries. They are a part of Russia. The geography of Fennoscandia is very mountainous and rough. It is also very beautiful with sights such as fjords, which take up a lot of space in Norway. Socially Fennoscandia shows the historically close relationship between the Finnish, Norwegian, Russian, Sami and Swedish people.

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