Fiat 500

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Fiat 500
Fiat 500
Manufacturer Fiat
Also called FIAT
Production Italy
Assembly Torino, Italy
Designer Dante Giacosa
Body and chassis
Class City car
Body style 2-door sedan
3-door estate
Layout RR layout
Engine 479 cc I2
499 cc I2
594 cc I4
Transmission 4-speed manual
Wheelbase 1.84 m (72.4 in)
Predecessor Fiat 500 "Topolino"
Successor Fiat 126

The Fiat 500 is a car produced by the Fiat company of Italy between 1957 and 1975. The car was designed by Dante Giacosa. In 2007 Fiat launched a similar car, the Fiat Nuova 500.