Flag of Poland

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Flag of Republic of Poland
Adopted1 August 1919

The flag of Poland is a rectangular, divided into two stripes: white above red. It was created in its modern form in 1921. The colors white and red were earlier declared the official national colors in 1831 by the Polish Parliament in 1831.[1]

For many centuries the Polish flag was a white eagle on a red background.

Details[change | change source]

The ratio of height to width is 5 to 8. The two horizontal stripes are of equal height.

There is a second version which has a coat of arms in the upper (white) half. The use of this flag is legally restricted.

If the flag is shown hanging vertically, the white should be on the left.

Polish flag day is May 2.

The Color White[change | change source]

Shades of white on the flag
white white 2
approximate since 1980

The exact color of the white was not clearly stated until 1980.

The Color Red[change | change source]

Shades of red on the flag
crimson cinnabar red crimson 2
#DC143C #E34234 #FF0000 #D4213D
1921-30 1928-80 approximate since 1980

The exact color of the red was not clearly stated originally, and has changed through the years. In 1919 the official act did not clearly define the red. In 1921 the Polish Ministry of Military Affairs used crimson as the shade of red in publications. In 1928 the president of Poland said the red should be vermilion. That was used until 1980, when people needed to specify the red more scientifically.

Similar flags in other places[change | change source]

The same flag design is used in the German region Thuringia and the Spanish region Cantabria.

Both Indonesia and Monaco have flags that are the same colors, but upside-down.

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