Flag of Estonia

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Flag of Estonia.svg
Use Civil and state flag, civil ensign
Proportion 7:11
Adopted November 21, 1918
Design A horizontal triband of blue, black and white.
Naval Ensign of Estonia.svg
Variant flag of Estonia
Use Naval ensign
Proportion 7:13
Adopted 1991
Design Tricolor, swallowtail, defaced with the shield of the state arms off-set towards hoist.

The flag of Estonia has three colours and is made of three equal horizontal bands coloured blue (top), black, and white (bottom). Blue mirrors the sky, black the colour of the soil and national coat, and white the peoples' happiness and light. In Estonian language it is called the "sinimustvalge" (literally "blue-black-white"), after the colours of the bands. The flag was designed in the 1880s and adopted when Estonia became independent in 1918.