Flemish Parliament

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Flemish Parliament

Vlaams Parlement  (Dutch)
2019–2024 legislature
Term limits
Liesbeth Homans, N-VA
since 2 October 2019
Group leaders
- majority

Wilfried Vandaele, N-VA
since 4 October 2019
Peter Van Rompuy, CD&V
since 6 February 2019
Willem-Frederik Schiltz, Open VLD
since 2 October 2019
- opposition
Hannelore Goeman, Forward
since 28 December 2019
Mieke Schauvliege, Groen
since 26 April 2023
Chris Janssens, Vlaams Belang
since 25 June 2014
118 from the Flemish Region
6 from the Brussels-Capital Region
Political groups
Government (69)
  •   N-VA (35)
  •   CD&V (19)
  •   Open Vld (15)

Opposition (55)

Length of term
5 years
Open list proportional representation (using D'Hondt method) within six constituencies, with 5% constituency electoral threshold
Last election
26 May 2019
Next election
Meeting place
Koepelzaal, Flemish Parliament building, Brussels

The Flemish Parliament (Dutch: audio speaker iconVlaams Parlement ) is the unicameral parliament of Flanders in Belgium. It used to be called the Flemish Council (Dutch: Vlaamse Raad). It is the legislative power in Flanders in Belgium. It is in charge for matters which deal with Flanders. This is for both the geographic region and the cultural community of Belgium. This is different than the French Community of Belgium and Wallonia. They each have separate legislatures: the Parliament of the French Community and the Parliament of Wallonia).

The Flemish Parliament approves Flemish laws. They apply to all people in the Flemish Region and to Flemish institutions in Brussels. It appoints and supervises the Flemish Government. The Flemish Parliament also approves the Flemish budget. The Flemish Parliament meets in the Flemish Parliament building. It is in central Brussels. Its members and staff work in the House of the Flemish Representatives.