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Ford Transit is a van produced by Ford Motor Company from 1965 to the present day. It is currently in its seventh generation.

Taunus Transit[change | change source]

The first van to wear the Transit badge was the Taunus Transit. It was produced in Germany. It gained this name in 1961, eight years after it was introduced in 1953. It was not sold in the UK. Production of it ceased in 1965.

Transit Connect[change | change source]

A compact van produced by Ford, the Transit Connect is also available. It is built in Turkey. It replaced the Escort van in 2002.

Tourneo[change | change source]

A leisure version of the Transit, the Tourneo, is also available. A leisure version of the Transit Connect, the Tourneo Connect made too. Despite its name, it is completely different model to the Connect.

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Transit Generations[change | change source]

Ford Transit Connect[change | change source]

Ford Tourneo[change | change source]