Gaius Julius Caesar (governor of Asia)

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Gaius Julius Caesar
Bornc. 140 BC
Diedc. 85 BC
(aged c. 54–55)
Ancient Rome (modern-day
Rome, Italy)
Cause of deathUndetermined
Known forGovernor of Asia; father of Roman dictator Julius Caesar
OfficePraetor; and later Governor of Asia
SpouseAurelia Cotta (wife)
ChildrenJulia Major (daughter)
Julia Minor (daughter)
Julius Caesar (son)
RelativesGaius Marius (brother-in-law)

Gaius Julius Caesar (pronounced in Latin as Gaius Julius Kaesar; c. 140 BC – c. 85 BC), was a Roman senator, a Governor of Asia, and the supporter of Gaius Marius, his brother-in-law, was father to Roman dictator Julius Caesar.

Biography[change | change source]

Gaius Julius Caesar was born c. 140 BC. When he was a adult, Caesar was married to Aurelia Cotta, a member of the Aurelii and Rutilii families. They had two daughters named Julia Major and Julia Minor. Julius Caesar, who was their only son, the Ancient Roman dictator, was born c. 100 BC. He was brother to Sextus Julius Caesar, who was active as consul in 91 BC. Caesar's progress through the cursus honorum is well known, although the specific dates and his offices are disputed. According to ancient Roman records, Caesar was commissioner in the Cercina Colony, a military tribune, a quaestor, a praetor, and a Governor of Asia. It is unknown specifically when Caesar held these offices. The colony is probably one of the Ancient Roman colonies owned by Marius c. 103 BC.

Caesar died c. 85 BC, whilst putting his shoes on, in the morning hours. He died from undetermined and suspicious-like causes. Another man with the last name Caesar died similarly in Pisa.