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Coordinates: 25°45′11″N 84°39′59″E / 25.75306°N 84.66639°E / 25.75306; 84.66639
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Ghaghara (In India)
Karnali river in Nepal
Map showing the Karnali, Ghaghara and Gandaki tributaries of the Ganges
CountryChina, Nepal, India
Physical characteristics
SourceMapchachungo Glacier
 - locationTibet, China
 - elevation3,962 m (12,999 ft)
 - locationRevelganj, India
 - coordinates25°45′11″N 84°39′59″E / 25.75306°N 84.66639°E / 25.75306; 84.66639
Length1,080 km (670 mi)
Basin size127,950 km2 (49,400 sq mi)
 - average2,990 m3/s (106,000 cu ft/s)
 - locationNepal
 - average1,369 m3/s (48,300 cu ft/s)
Basin features
 - leftBheri, Sarju, Kuwana, Rapti, Chhoti Gandak
 - rightSeti, Dahawar, Sarda, Budhi Ganga

The Ghangara is the longest river in Nepal. In Sanskrit, the name means "marbles of the water". Other names of the river are Ghāghrā, and Gogra. It has a length of 573 kilometres (356 mi), or 1,080 kilometres (670 mi) including source rivers. Of this length, 507 kilometres (315 mi) are in Nepal, where it is called Karnali. It is the biggest tributary to the Ganges by volume, and the second-longest, after Yamuna.

The lower part of the river, in India, is also known as Sarayu.